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Summit Sessions

All times Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Monday, May 6

11am: Critical Digital Internationalization 

  • ​Dr. Taylor Woodman, University of Maryland, College Park

  • Dr. Melissa Whatley, School for International Training (SIT) Graduate Institute

  • Dr. Chris R. Glass, Boston College

3pm: It's Happening: Internationalization and Athletics

  •  Dr. Fanta Aw, NAFSA Executive Director and CEO

Tuesday, May 7

9am: NCAA International Outreach 

  • Elizabeth Thompson, NCAA National Office 

1pm: Demystifying Studying Abroad for College Athletes

  • Lucy Pandit, Athlete Futures Abroad 

7pm: International Career Development 

  • Dr. Raquel Dailey, Best Life Abroad

Wednesday, May 8

12pm: Sport, Para Sport, and Internationalization at Loughborough University (UK)

  • Matt Hanson, Athlete Recruitment and Projects Manager

  • Emma Wiltshire, Athletics Programme Manager 

  • Alasdair Donaldson, Head of Para Sport

  • Ben Daly, Global Engagement Officer

3:30pm: Incorporating Virtual Exchange in Sport Management Curriculum 

  • Dr. Kelsey Slater, North Dakota State University

  • Dr. E. Jara Pazmino, University of West Georgia/Universidad San Francisco de Quito

  • Dr. María D. Brito-Rhor, Universidad San Francisco de Quito 

7pm: Sport in Saudi Arabia 

  • Tatyana Ellerbe, Consultant 


Thursday, May 9

9am: Sport Entrepreneurship in Africa 

  • Elvis Nshimba, Umoja Sport Foundation (Democratic Republic of Congo) 

  • Jacobina Tangi Uushona, Consultant (Namibia) 

  • Shodunnke Shogo, Phreestyle Sport Limited (Nigeria)

12pm: NFL Internationalization and Content Creation 

  • Elizabeth Cove, NFL International

  • Maria Jose Rodriguez, Pittsburgh Steelers 

  • George Eghator, George on Sports 

5pm: Sports Immigration 

  • Chloe Dybdahl, Jetr Global Sports + Entertainment

Friday, May 10

12pm: Culture Travels x Sport 

  • Leroy Adams, Culture Travels Magazine 

  • Mayokia Fowler, Founder

3pm: NIL x NCAA International Athletes 

  • Bri Cassidy, Opendorse 

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