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Tim is a long time mentor and close friend of mine. At a very pivotal time in my undergraduate program, I was blessed to work with and learn from him in many different capacities. He has always exuded such passion and determination, inspiring all who surround him. When I hear “Timothy Bryson,” one word is most salient to me: intentional. That has rung true in his work within higher education and how elevates his peers and students, The IPA Way and his passion for equity in the craft beer industry, and Walk With TFB to inspire vision and amplify voices promoting equity. This Black, beer-drinking, travel-loving, PhD-earning, millennial is really changing the world.

Taylor Skinner, The Ohio State University


Beyond his phenomenal speeches and service to the community, Mr. Bryson’s work ethic behind the scenes is unmatched. Not only has Tim set the bar when he is out in the community, inspiring others and reaching the masses, but Tim is a true example of what it means to turn books into power. Between his continuous drive and self-discipline to educate himself, while consistently using the knowledge he obtains on his journey, I have witnessed him use what he has read to change a strangers day; all while leaving them as better people in a matter of minutes.

Kurt Turnier, M.S.


Tim is someone that devotes himself to encouraging others to pursue their passion and walk in purpose. As an educator, I had the pleasure of bringing Tim in to work with my students across various majors. Tim expertly helped students identify opportunity areas and inspired them to connect with their campus community. Personally and professionally, I am in awe of Tim's ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. Tim is a leader, mover and pioneer.

Taylor Turner, Howard University


From facing adversity head on, to overcoming it and using his experience to encourage and motivate others, Tim has quickly become a premier speaker for our generation on utilizing one’s vision to serve as a beacon of light. His unprecedented message of empowerment and determination solidifies his place as the epitome of a servant leader. His message should be seen as an example on how to change opposition into opportunity.

Jon McClary, M.Ed.


Fueled by passion and an unwavering faith, Tim Bryson is destined to be one of tomorrow’s most captivating speakers and leaders. His road to triumph in the face of opposition is a catalyzing force for action, progress, and change. Not only does he share his experiences in a relatable and engaging way, but Tim’s message truly inspires his audience to live and serve for a purpose, not popularity.

Shuquanda J., Marquette University


When hearing Tim speak at the 2016 Stand Up Carolina Hero Awards, he encouraged me to use my voice to help others. His passion for inspiring and changing his community can be seen through his actions and words. I believe he is meant to be one of the world’s greatest leaders.

Calli K., University of South Carolina

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