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What they Say...

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'YCIV', '#WalkWithTFB', and 'Encourage somebody to be great today.' are all known statements that are trademarks to the Tim Bryson brand. From his blog, social media presence, and podcast, Tim has a unique ability to maximize numerous digital platforms that seamlessly showcase the many layers to who he is personally and professionally. Tim is intentional about utilizing the digital space to continue to share his story, but also amplify the voices of others. Tim's brand speaks volumes, and his presence continues to remain impactful.

Ashlynn D. Fields, M.Ed. 


Magnetic. Dynamic. Relatable. Tim exudes those qualities and countless others when he is sharing his gift of connecting others and their experiences. As a Student Affairs professional, I have had the opportunity to interact with a number of speakers and presenters, and Tim Bryson is an individual who has the talent of inspiring students and colleagues alike. If you are looking for someone to inspire your students and campus community, Tim is an amazing first choice!

Zachary E. Shirley, Ed.D.


Hearing Tim speak was so inspiring and eye-opening. It made me realize how important our job is as members of Greek life. It is not only to represent the letters we wear in a positive manner, but to represent the Greek community—and our school community—with the highest amount of leadership, integrity, and responsibility. Tim brought that sense of urgency and the inspiration of power to our Millikin community, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. Tim is also a perfect example of someone who is “doing what is right, not what is popular.” This has seemed to be a reoccurring theme in my life lately, and I can’t thank him enough for living out his vision and this purpose.

Kendall K., Millikin University


Working with Tim Bryson has been one of the best experiences of my college career. The manner in which he conducts himself as well as the passion and drive he brings to the table, makes him one of the best orators I have heard to date. As the keynote for our conference, Tim captured the attention of our campus leaders and spoke about vision, accountability, leadership, and respect. He effortlessly integrated these topics into a speech that was relevant to the current climate of our Greek community and in doing so, made a significant impact. Largely in part to Tim’s speaking, our Greek community leaders have been equipped with knowledge that will enable them to effectively operate successful organizations for years to come

Brennan Jordan, University of Nevada


Thoughtful, engaging, motivating, . Those are the words I would use to describe TIm. Not only does Tim have a lot to share with others, but he is extremely skilled at listening others’ to help them connect with themselves and feel empowered to share their own stories. Tim’s coaching and mentorship is one of his strongest skills. His ability to build relationships with others (especially on social media) exemplifies his genuine, authentic and unfiltered personality that is so contagious. Tim has the intuition and vision to continue to lead others and inspire them to take initiative and create change. He’s the real deal.

Sophia Baur-Waisbord, Ed.M.


Since meeting Tim at a conference over a year ago, I have had the pleasure of watching him grow. He has accomplished so much in a very short time and has also been an amazing friend. No matter what Tim has going on, he always has time to share his wisdom or even just a listening ear. He exudes confidence and has this amazing way of capturing any audience. When he speaks, you want to listen.

Jhala Criss, LMSW, MPA, LCDC 


Getting connected with Tim Bryson has been a pleasure of mine and wonderful experience. The event that my organization had him headline this past semester ended up being our signature event of the year due to Tim’s professionalism, passion for serving others, and dedication to his craft. Students and faculty continue to rave about Tim’s character and maturity even months after having him at Radford University. Tim’s aspirations and work ethic gives me motivation toward the future endeavors I hope to achieve.

Michael F., Radford University

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