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2024 Internationalization and Athletics Summit

By now, you’ve seen the news. At least, I hope.


We’re running it back!


After a successful first year, Walk With TFB will be hosting the second Internationalization and Athletics (IAA) Summit in May 2024!


The purpose of this convening is to bring scholars, practitioners, and athletes together to share research, practices, and lived experiences concerning the relationship between internationalization and sport. Session speakers will join from all over the world to discuss topics pertaining to their area of expertise.


The 2024 Summit will take place virtually from May 6-10. Maybe 2025 will be in person?!


The IAA Summit is special as it is the only convening in the world that is exclusively focused on the evolving relationship between internationalization and the sports industry.


Scholars have published about different phenomenon. Practitioners work and live in the space every day. Organizations are creating and updating strategies to engage with athletes and communities. The IAA Summit is where it all comes together.


During the 2023 Summit, we surpassed expectations with 100 registrants and 19 speakers representing 7 countries across 5 continents. Speakers represented national and global organizations such as NFL International, NBA Africa Academy, Major League Baseball, Women Sport Australia, Oceanman Ecuador.


2024?! We gotta do it big. It’s non-negotiable.


This year’s Summit is deliberately positioned right before two major events I believe will shape athletics and global engagement in ways we’ve never seen before:


Paris 2024 Summer Olympics and the launch of Big 12 Mexico


The 2024 Summit will focus on topics that include but are not limited to athlete mobility, immigration, diplomacy, global partnerships, virtual exchange, international marketing, athlete development, and organizational leadership. There are sessions speakers that I have in mind, but Walk With TFB has and will continue to be a reflection of community work.


Pssst! Be on the lookout for a call for session proposals soon!


Updates regarding the 2024 Summit will happen weekly on the Walk With TFB newsletter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. Subscribe below and follow us on social today!


If you pulled up to the 2023 Summit, you already know what’s popping.


If you’re new here, we gon make sure you have a great time and learn along the way.


Internationalization and Athletics.


It’s happening. We’re walking.


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