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Community Work. Community Win.

 On June 2, 2020, we released our very first podcast episode with Allie (Pashi) Hawkins entitled “Stop Killing Us.” The immediate response was overwhelmingly positive and inspired us to continue amplifying Black voices and millennial experiences in education and sport. 

So we did!  

Three and a half years later, we’ve interviewed 71 guests (and counting) and have amassed over 26,000 downloads with an audience representing 45 unique countries. Our podcast has range deeper than Chef Curry – from questioning the future of college sport to sitting in stillness to becoming a kid again – we’ve published essential and important conversations that have disrupted the status quo and implanted truth in place of a distorted and incomplete reality, non-reflective of our collective lived experiences. 


We did that. A community win.  

Since 2020, we’ve been walking – and y’all have walked with us along the way. With each step, each moment, each elevation, y’all never wavered. Instead, you trusted the vision, showed up when we needed you most, and provided feedback for Walk With TFB to continue evolving into who we’ve been called to be and become. 


For that, I want to say, “thank you.” 


Because over the last three weeks, Walk With TFB and I have:


It’s real life happening. We’re really walking.  

Since November 1, we have traveled 9,952 flight miles and 212 train miles.


We also visited 4 cities in 3 countries across 2 continents. 


The amount of learning and unlearning, observations, and insights we have to share is beyond imaginable. Over the next several weeks, there will be dedicated content detailing our experience in Paris, London, and Casablanca. I just might have someone interview me as a guest on the Walk With TFB podcast to ensure I can share what I've seen and experienced without worrying about a time limit or facilitation. But learning is dynamic and much of our learning will be shared throughout the lifespan of Walk With TFB in future conversations, blogs, and podcasts we will share with the broader community. 


Today is not a day to create or share – today, I want to say “thank you, thank you, thank you.” 


I started Walk With TFB as a platform to have unfiltered conversations about education, sport, and culture. Today, we are a podcast, business, and community that is nationally recognized, internationally known, and sponsored by the Biden-Harris administration. 

Because community work always yield community wins.


This ain’t normal. This is purpose. 


This week we rested. Next week, we’re back. 


The last 90 days were special. We celebrated and will continue to be loud about what we accomplished together. 


But BEST BELIEVE – we just getting started. 


The future of Walk With TFB is bright.

Our best is yet to come. 


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